A Dream, a wonderful Adventure

For all that the Way of St. James means: dreams, pilgrimage or simply walking, tourists and travellers from all over the world seek to discover the magic of this route.

This is the Santigua Way.

We will try to show the beauty of the Cantabrian coast, its seabed, its culture, its people and its gastronomy.

Camino de Santiagua seeks above all to offer adventure, entertainment and excitement in an original and novel way.

Shall you dare?

Cantabrian Sea, Infinite Beauty

The Cantabrian Sea gives roughness and beauty to a unique coastline where Green Spain overlooks spectacular cliffs and attractive beaches.

If the charm of the coastal towns and the geography of the Cantabrian cornice is already striking and unforgettable, the attraction of its seabed will remain forever in your mind, with flora and fauna that, as a whole, have nothing to envy to those of other international destinations where enjoy greater fame and renown among divers from all over the world.

The Cantabrian Sea is a great unknown for the vast majority of divers; on many occasions it is given characteristics that do not correspond to reality.

The fierceness and the average temperature of the water in the summer season make it the ideal conditions for the enjoyment of any lover of the seabed, who has taken the right decision to live the wonderful and exclusive experience of Santiagua.